1. Terms of Service

The Ownership and operation rights of every ‘’SHOPOP’’ registered users, who already done the acceptance of service terms, are owned by ‘‘Light with Tech Technology Company Limited (Beijing)‘’. 

Any services provided from us should be in conformity with our service agreement and service terms. The agreement and the service terms should be accepted and reached by both ‘’SHOPOP’’ and its’ users. Besides, we reserve our rights to modify the Service Terms. Anytime we change this terms, we will not notify our users person by person, but publicly publish new policy on our website page.

2. User Information provided 

We are not responsible for the accuracy of personal information provided from users. Every user should take the responsibility for all information they provided. Simultaneously, every user should update their personal information if any changed. We reserve our rights to restrict your account and stop our service if we found that there is any inaccuracy or fake information provided from you.  

3. Users’ Account Security

Our website reserves rights to restrict your username if it contains such sensitive, insult, illegal or reactionary words. Please modify your username to an appropriate one if you receive a notification from us.

Your username and password are only used by your own. You have your responsibility to keep it safe. Please use it in proper way and do not share this information to others. We would not take the responsibility for any damages brought from improperly use of account information. If you realize that your password might be divulged, or have any security problems, please contact us immediately.

4. We would not burden the guarantee liability

4-1. Any data lost, damage or stolen caused by force majeure, computer virus, government regulation, we would not take the responsibility for these uncontrollable causes. 

4-2. We will not provide any explicit or inexplicit guarantees of our online service, security, and stability to users. Our registered users should explicitly accept to take the risk and responsible for these force majeure information losses on this terms of service.

5. Limited liability

We are not responsible for any spread of illegal acts, malice rumor, and violence from our users. Any violation from our users or the third party, we reserve our rights for lawsuit. Users should take the responsibility for any damage or loss caused by his/her behaviors.  In addition, our platform will record improper and offensive messages spread on our platform. We would provide the record to relevant organization and delete improper news at the same time.

6. Disclaimer Clause

6-1. Due to the lighting, photo-shooting place, color difference, device difference as well as the perception gap between people, we cannot guarantee the products you received are 100% same as the description and pictures showed on website. However, we will try hard to filter unmatched picture of real products showed on our website.

6-2. Delivery time would be different according to the shipment districts and products dispatched time from different sellers. We can only estimate the approximate shipping time but not take responsibility for the delay under normal condition. You can check ‘’ ‘’of our estimated delivery time for different districts.

6-3. If there is any items damage, missed, flawed, please follow the steps of our Return/ Refund policy. Please notice the return/ refund time and do your request within the appointed periods. If you missed out the time, we would not accept your request and you should take the responsibility for your loss. 

6-4. If any uncontrollable factors such as price changed by sellers, items out of stock, late of dispatch form sellers, which leads to the failure of your order or your longer waiting time, we would not take the responsibility for any relevant losses. However, we will try hard to contact sellers or recommend the similar choices for you as we can.

6-5. If the delivery failed caused by your personal reasons, we would not take the responsibility for it. 

6-6. To convenient our service, we will not accept or reflect any discount price given from sellers but offer you our own seasonal discounts. Our promoted information will be published on our website pages and will send these discount news to you from time to time.


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